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CHINAR International is an organization with a global vision and a local face.

The world/conflict/environment is moving so fast. If we want to make tractle social change it has to be delivered at community level. Indvidual levels will have

The essence of our organization is developing community-based and community-owned solutions. Our in-depth community investment is the bedrock of our three verticals – Child Support, Quality Education and Youth Development.

Child Support

Kashmir has a long history of conflict and economic shutdowns which has left several children as orphans or in a highly vulnerable situation. These children are either out-of-school or are vulnerable to dropping out. We do not displace these children away froty lm their community into orphanages, but instead aim to create an environment in their own localities where they can flourish.

CHINAR’s approach to identifying these children and providing them critical social assistance is community driven. We undertake a detailed baseline assessment of families we seek to adopt in our programme using community references. We don’t take in individual children, but the whole families in our programme. We ensure that these children go to schools in their own communities and provide them the necessary social assistance to complete their education. We provide community-based remedial education to these children using educated youth from the same locality. Our monitoring staffs are all from the same community. Thus, our Child Support vertical seeks to undertake a community-oriented solution to supporting some of the most marginalized and vulnerable families in Kashmir.

Quality Education

The major factor that makes private schools better than government schools is the accountability private schools face from the parent community. Unfortunately, in government schools the parent community is not well educated and come from among the most marginalized sections of our society. Moreover, they do not have the time to focus on the learning outcomes of children as they are mostly busy making ends meet. Furthermore, government teachers often look down upon the community from where their children come from and place no emphasis on engaging them proactively.

CHINAR’s Quality Education vertical works extensively on engaging the community in investing their time on their children’s learning outcomes. Some of our initiatives include:

    • Community Mobilization events

: We undertake regular community mobilization events where we bring parents, teachers and the education administration together. These events are a platform where we show parents the inherent talents of their children to motivate them to encourage their wards towards excellence. We let the parents know in simple terms where their children stand with respect to actual learning.

    • Community visits of poor performing students

: We motivate teachers to undertake family visits of students who are lagging behind in attendance and academic achievements. With this, the rapport between the teachers and the parents is improved.

    • Community learning centres

: We have motivated educated youth in the community to volunteer to take remedial classes of children in government schools. We train these community youth in ensuring that actual learning takes place in these centres – these are done through activity-based learning methods, encouraging art and crafts etc.

Youth Development

The long history of conflict and prolonged shutdowns has seen an increased restlessness amongst our youth. The lack of a developed private sector has resulted in few means for gainful wage employment and thus has created a large number of unemployed youth. There is a major limiting mindset among the youth related to dignity of labour – any job besides a government job is considered inferior no matter how well paying. Similarly, semi-skilled and unskilled labour is looked upon as beneath one’s dignity and thus we see the dichotomy of large influx of labourers from outside Kashmir while still seeing large unemployment among the youth. Unfortunately, the youth of Kashmir haven’t been engaged productively and thus, are highly vulnerable to radicalization and depression.

Swami Vivekananda once famously said, “The youth are not useless, they are used less”. CHINAR’s primary focus on youth development is youth engagement. Some of our community-oriented strategies to youth development are:

    • Engaging high-school children towards entrepreneurship

: CHINAR undertakes regular workshops in higher secondary schools to work towards changing mindsets of students away from government jobs and towards entrepreneurship. We have established student-led entrepreneurship clubs in Govt. Girls Higher Secondary School, Kothibagh (Srinagar) and in ….

    • Business incubation

: CHINAR’s Business Incubation Centre has identified women from backward communities with a strong business idea and an even stronger spirit and is incubating their businesses to fruition. We currently have two business in our BIC – a digital embroidery unit (Design Your Own by an orphan girl from Kupwara) and a sanitary napkin unit (Happy Choice by two strong young women from ….).

    • Demand-based skill development

: CHINAR has established several skill centres across Kashmir based on the requirement of the community. We have set up tailoring skill centres in Kupwara and Shopian to help young women move towards self-sufficiency. Similarly, to enhance existing livelihood options of families in our programme, we undertake skill development trainings such as in sheep rearing, kangri making etc.