Community Environment

CHINAR is focused on creating a positive community environment to encourage overall development and growth of children and their guardians. With a successful and determined community, children, families, schools, and businesses will flourish

Skills Development Initiative

CHINAR’s Skill Development Initiative provides vulnerable and marginalized youth with the tools to succeed in the financial market. This program allows participants to acquire new skills or improve upon their current abilities to match industry standards and market demands. These new skills will enable youth to gain employment or start their own business. The Skill Development Program creates more opportunities for such youth in the job market to earn stable monthly income to support their families.

In addition to skill training, CHINAR supports potential entrepreneurs with jumpstart capital to start their own business. With new skills and financial support, youth have the ability to grow and succeed in the business market and become self-reliant.

Community Finance Program

CHINAR’s Community Finance Program aims to help the guardians of vulnerable children and marginalized youth to gain a financial footing so that they can provide a nurturing and healthy environment for their families. In the current market, the marginalized population of Kashmir is struggling to obtain bank loans and finance their basic needs. To assist with this problem CHINAR’s Community Finance Program provides these individuals with hassle-free, collateral-free, and interest-free finance.

The Community Finance Program is focused on creating self-sustaining lifestyles for the marginalized individuals of Kashmir, with the goal that they are self-reliant within 5 years of CHINAR’s support. The program is set up to do this with its repayment schedule for participants. CHINAR is creating stakeholders instead of beneficiaries by giving them the tools to set up and conduct their business, gaining the revenue to repay the program in a five-year timeframe. With these repayments CHINAR can continue to fund more Community Finance participants and support in their financial independence.

CHINAR is able to locate individuals in need of the Community Finance Program through other CHINAR programs such as the Remote Family Sponsorship Program and Skills Development Program. Participants are given guidance, mentoring, and training to prepare them for the financial market. CHINAR provides financing and materials in order to create a successful business venture. With CHINARís Community Finance Program model individuals gain independence, self-reliance, and autonomy in the financial field. With these tools, participants can support themselves and their families, ensuring a steady income and healthy home environment.