District Kupwara

In November 2012, the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) along with the local Kashmir police cordoned the Upper Rajwar forest area based on information about the presence of militants in the locality. The fallout of the encounter paralyzed the normal life of the people in Shathigam. Houses were gutted completely and half the village was burnt leaving families with almost nothing. With little help from the government, the residents did their best to construct small, single-room shelters but they continue to live in utter poverty.

In July 2013, CHINAR began an assessment of families in the remote villages of Bakiaker, Kherman, Shathigam and Nangni of Tehsil Handwara, from district Kupwara to identify vulnerable children and struggling families in need of help. CHINAR's Project Coordinator and field staff conducted a door-to-door survey and collected baseline data in these villages, which was then reviewed by CHINAR's selection committee.

Handwara - Phase I (July' 2013)

On July 15, 2013,20 children from 9 families from the villages of Shathigam and Baki Aker were selected for the program. Many of the selected children were not enrolled in school; CHINAR immediately enrolled the beneficiaries into a local private school- AIIMS (Ain-ul-ilum Institute of Morality & Science) and are currently supported through our Remote Education Sponsorship program.

Partnership with Ain-ul-ilum Institute of Morality and Science (AIIMS)

Ain-ul-ilum Institute of Morality and Science (AIIMS) is an educational institute that works with an out-of-the-box approach towards learning and education. Their system is based on interactivity rather than the traditional learning route that is practiced in most schools in the valley. This, in addition to their innovative use of technology tools in their education practices, made them the perfect fit for CHINAR's education programs.

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Target 2015: 100 Children and 25 Families.