District Srinagar

Srinagar, the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir, has been one of the most affected by the conflict in Kashmir. In our initial assessment which included talking to various governmental and non-profit agencies and individuals, we discovered there are pockets in Srinagar with problems more complex in terms of social and cultural issues and worse off in terms of overall suffering and poverty than any other district in the valley. It's most likely for these reasons these areas in Srinagar district have been ignored by most NGO's and even governmental agencies.

Srinagar - Phase I (March '2013)

After months of research and networking, CHINAR selected two education zones for the first phase of a five-year intervention project in Srinagar - Zone Zaldagar and Zone Rainawari. On March 1, 2013 CHINAR launched its Srinagar project covering 29 children and 7 families under the Remote Education Sponsorship Program (RESP) and Remote Family Sponsorship Program (RFSP).

Srinagar - Phase II (March '2014)

After the successful completion of the first phase of a five-year project, CHINAR included other education zones in district Srinagar and scaled up its operations. In March 2014, CHINAR added 31 new children (from 12 families) to the project.

Currently, CHINAR supports 60 Children and 25 families in district Srinagar. Out of these 60 children, 54 are supported under Remote Education Sponsorship Program, 6 are supported under Remote Children Sponsorship Program and 5 families are supported under Remote Family Sponsorship Program. With CHINAR's programs these children are improving their education and their daily lives so that they will have more opportunities and resources for their future.

Srinagar - Livelihood Support Program

In Srinagar, CHINAR is supporting 5 families under RFSP. The nature of the businesses supported based on the capacity and experience of the guardians are as below.

  • Natural Flower vendor
  • Hand Cart road side vendor of Traditional Kashmiri Snacks And Confectionery
  • Shikara Rider in Dal Lake
  • Auto Rickshaw Driver - CHINAR provided him auto rickshaw in good condition
  • Door to door Readymade Garment Seller

Srinagar -Skill Development Initiative for marginalized youth - Data Entry Operator (July '2013)

CHINAR conducted a short survey in downtown Srinagar in July 2013 to identify marginalized youth for the Skills Development Initiative. The response during the survey was overwhelming and 40 youthwere entered into a 6-month Data Entry Operator computer-training course in collaboration with Kashmir Government Polytechnic.

Training these individuals in new skills is the first step towards empowering them and ensuring their success in the future. After the training, CHINAR will support and mentor some of these youth, allowing them to start their own businesses with the Community Finance for livelihoods. CHINAR will also assist in finding jobs for these individuals to give them a stable income and healthy lifestyle.

Srinagar - Skill Development Initiative for marginalized youth - Bachelor of Computer Architecture (July '2013)

Additionally, in July 2013, CHINAR started the Marginalized Youth Graduation Program in downtown Srinagar, where 4 men and 3 women were selected for a 3-year bachelors program. These individuals were able to attain a degree with the Bachelors of Computer Architecture program (BCA), in partnership with Caset College of Computer Science.

CHINAR is currently exploring multiple partnerships with different organizations to offer varied skill development programs for the marginalized youth of Srinagar. Between 2014 and 2015 CHINAR plans to train 200 youth in different skills and improve upon their current abilities to succeed in the current business market.

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Target 2015: 150 Children and 60 Families.