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Flood relief and rehabilitation

Devastating floods in Jammu and Kashmir left more than 500 people dead and months later, tens of thousands of families were left cold, hungry and homeless. CHINAR International quickly jumped into disaster relief activities and efficiently organized itself to rehabilitate those affected by the floods. CHINAR kick-started the campaign with the obvious which was to help the stranded people reach safer locations. The team went amid rains, flood and uncertain surroundings into the drowning streets of Srinagar and ferried people to safe and dry places using boats, trucks, jeeps and a lot of resolve and determination. Rescue was conducted in areas like Batamaloo, Lasjan , Tengpora, Rambagh, Natipora, Mehjoor Nagar,Raj Bagh , Jawahar Nagar, Allochi Bagh, Bemina Bye Pass, Shamlal Bye Pass and Chattabal.

CHINAR International organized itself into six different verticals to help flood victims in a more effective manner. The six verticals were:

a) Livelihood support:

To help small business owners recover from the flood, CHINAR International provided interest free loans to an initial target group of 100 beneficiaries, so that loan recipients can resume income-earning activities. 40 individuals received livelihood support, with the value averaging around $833 USD per person.  

b) Emergency housing:

CHINAR International completed a total of 228 emergency housing units in total (including emergency shelters or home reconstruction), providing shelter to a total of 1122 persons in need.

c) Medical care:

CHINAR International organized and supported multiple medical camps with teams of physicians and free medicine in the immediate aftermath of the floods. CHINAR International also worked with area hospitals to deliver free medicine within the hospital by establishing a dispensary of donated medicine. CHINAR International reached more than 40,000 patients with free medical care and/or free medicine.

d) Water:

CHINAR International also installed 12 water filtration units, each generating 1000 litres of clean drinking water per hour, serving more than 10,000 people with reliable, potable water. CHINAR also distributed 30,000 water bottles in the first 2 months after the floods.

e) Food and household items:

CHINAR International distributed water, biscuits, pre-cooked food packets, clothes, bedding, and vital household items to over 35,000 people affected by the floods.

f) Rescue:

We got a boat and engaged in rescue and short term relief distribution going into areas which were only accessible by boats – doing 2 sorties a day. Over 400 marooned flood victims were rescued and ferried to safe locations.

“In total, CHINAR reached out to 90,000 lives during floods”