home environment

CHINAR’s strategy is to help orphans and vulnerable children in their current environment using a holistic community based approach. Remember the old African proverb - "It takes a village to raise a child”. CHINAR ensures a nurturing environment at home by providing children and their guardians with materials and support for a healthy and stable upbringing. Priority is given to widows and their families during the beneficiary selection process.

Remote Child Sponsorship Program - RCSP

This program is for vulnerable children from families that have no to little means of livelihood and are struggling to provide for their children. The selected child is provided with all basic necessities like school fees, remedial tuition fee, stationary, clothes, nutrition, hygiene kit and basic healthcare. No cash is given to the families. After base lining for competency in education, an individual remedial plan is devised for each child and implemented in their local school and remedial tuition centre (set up by CHINAR). In order to continue support from CHINAR, the child has to maintain at least 75% attendance in school and remedial classes.

This is a 5 year project after which the guardian of the child should be able to support the child on their own.

Highlights of the Program:

  • Keeping children and families together
  • Identifying deserving children based on a selection criteria
  • Empowering children to reach their full potential by providing quality education & psychological, material and social support
  • Provide nutrition to the children (rice, pulses, milk, vitamins and minerals etc.)
  • Basic healthcare
  • Careful monitoring, evaluation, reporting and recording in order to ensure progress
  • Provide non-monetary support to children
  • Involve teachers, parents, senior students and community members for monitoring and oversight.
  • Establishing community-based projects and coordinating structure to ensure sustainability

Remote Family Sponsorship Program - RFSP

The Remote Family Sponsorship Program is for the families that are financially struggling with no means of stable monthly income. CHINAR provides market focused Community Finance for livelihoods to the guardians of orphans and vulnerable children so that the guardians can raise their families in a nurturing way. The target is to make the families self-reliant within 5 years. CHINAR facilitates these struggling guardians to access the profitable markets to sell their goods.

CHINAR’s continuous counseling and guidance programs helps in identification of livelihoods options for struggling guardians depending on their background and skill type.


  • Interest free loan
  • Identifying deserving struggling families based on a selection criteria
  • Empowering guardians / parents of vulnerable children to reach their full potential by way of market focused community finance for livelihoods, psychological, material and social support
  • Healthcare for livestock (in case families receive community finance for livestock)
  • Access to markets
  • Careful monitoring, evaluation, reporting and recording in order to ensure progress
  • Provide non-monetary support to children

The graph pictured below depicts the planned income levels or participants in CHINAR’s programs over a five-year time span. With CHINAR’s support, beneficiaries are projected to be self-reliant within five years.


  • RCSP – Remote Child Sponsorship Program - $30/month for maximum 5 years
  • RFSP – Remote Family Sponsorship Program - $750 – One-Time Livelihood Support Help
  • RESP – Remote Education Sponsorship Program - $15/month for a maximum of 5 years