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Kashmir Unrest 2016

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Kashmir Unrest 2016

Kashmir is currently in, what can inarguably be called as ‘all time low’ in the recent history. Five months of shut down, thousands injured, hundreds blinded and close to a 100 killed. Kashmir has suffered a heavy dent on all fronts this summer. CHINAR International soon got into action and by 1st week of August they had already evaluated the ground situation, finished their assessment (which included multiple visits to hospitals, meetings with injured, other NGO’s working on the ground and other relevant government officials) developed a plan and started executing on the plan.

Urgent intervention was needed in the field of medical care, with the number of critically injured increasing by the day. CHINAR International addressed this pressing problem by partnering with Athrout an organization that was already working in the State Hospital with Pellet hit victims and youth with gunshot injuries. CI provided Athrout with emergency medicines specifically used for persons with pellet and gunshot injuries. For people who would need long term medical attention we developed a database of injured children and youth for long term rehabilitation.

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Basic Survival

While everyone in the valley has been hit by the ongoing unrest, the poorer section of the society had it worst, people who made their living on a daily wage basis reduced to nothing and couldn’t make their ends meet and had no other alternate source of income. From the very outset of the unrest, we recognized the need of basic food items like rice, flour, edible oil, tea, spices etc for poor people who were dependent on daily wages for their sustenance. We provided food kits to the 96

low income group families in districts Srinagar, Pulwama, Shopian and Kupwara (240 children) in our program.

Besides, our staff and volunteers worked at an individual level to teach children in their communities. The tuition centers for children enrolled in program were also operational in all districts.