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Mission & Goals

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Peace, Progress and Prosperity in conflict areas of the world.


Empowerment of Orphans, Vulnerable Children & Marginalized Youth in conflict areas through quality education & socio-economic initiatives.

Strategic goals

(What we will do)

  • Provide innovative and smart service and opportunities to children and youth of conflict
  • Advance a sustainable and reliable business model
  • Consume 95% of donor funds towards programs
  • Build a simple, efficient, innovative, and continuously improving company
  • Deliver large scale transformational social change


(How we will do it) – our enablers

  • Empower vulnerable children through quality education and holistic development.
  • Deliver large scale quality education through government collaborations and private partnerships.
  • Foster development of youth through engaging forums, counselling, skill development and entrepreneurship.
  • Use advocacy, community relations, technology and sports as tools for bringing accelerated and lasting positive social change.
  • Embrace a working culture that empowers employees and put CHINAR’s mission at the center of whatever we do
  • Innovate to make programs and delivery simple and efficient, cost-effective, scalable, and impact oriented
  • Deliver business and operational excellence holding ourselves accountable to predefined KPIs
  • Monetize CHINAR knowledge and experience; and innovate income generating opportunities to support operations 95%.


  • We put CHINAR’s mission at the center of whatever we do
  • We value our board, staff, communities, volunteers and our supporters
  • We value donors and donations and utilize funds judiciously
  • We address the root cause of the problem
  • We can be counted on
  • We get things done, and done right
  • We build strategic partnerships and collaborations
  • We are social leaders

Core Principles

  • Areligious
  • Non-political
  • Organizational/financial/operational transparency