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In the year 2011, after a thorough organizational and strategic review, CHINAR made major changes to its strategy and quality education became CHINAR’s overarching focus for helping orphans, vulnerable children and marginalized youth of Kashmir. This new holistic approach involves providing such children with a wholesome and nurturing environment without displacing them so that they can blossom and reach their true potential: a nurturing environment at home, at the school and finally in the society. Marginalized youth (including school dropouts and adult orphans) and guardians of vulnerable children are provided market focused livelihood support, including skill development if required, with the goal of making them self-reliant within 3 – 5 years.

At CHINAR, we believe in innovation and adopting new approaches which creates an environment where people can share, contribute and add value to address the core issues faced by our children and youth. The strategy includes thorough due diligence and impact analysis before on-boarding such programs which are structured to scale and sustain without compromising on quality in order to maximize impact. All programs have a counselling and guidance component and also include strong monitoring, evaluation, reporting, and recording to ensure progress.