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Ifham Shah (Volunteer-Content writer and KAS officer 2013)

The dedication and the co-ordination with which the staff is working is exemplary. Hardly could one find any organization working in such organized fashion and dedication for flood affected. Not only in social service, has CHINAR helped me to grow personally too. Each and every person in CHINAR has influenced me with his experience and expertise. CHINAR also helped me to work with new technology.

Tony Ashai (CHINAR supporter/donor)

As a Kashmiri Living abroad I was also moved by the catastrophe that the floods caused in Kashmir.  CHINAR international headed by Irfan Shahmiri was the only NGO I could work with because of their track record and commitment to Kashmir. I immediately flew to Delhi where I met other like minded people and we did our bit in donating some funds and services to CHINAR. I am totally satisfied with CHINAR International and will continue supporting the organization in whatever capacity it I can.

Yasmeen Durrani (Volunteer, CHINAR)

While summarizing the details of flood victims who visit CHINAR International office every day, with high hopes and expectations, I have found that the organization has created great bond with the flood victims out there. People trust us in good faith and come in hope of help. This faith compels us to be more responsible, sincere, honest and dedicated towards our flood rehabilitation work.


Anonymous Donor from UAE

I was very satisfied with the way Mr. Shahmiri updated us on their detailed study of the devastated areas during our Kashmir visit following September floods in the valley. We were also given a tour of several towns that they were planning to rehabilitate. I have reason to believe that CHINAR International had a strong sense of urgency under very challenging circumstances. I also feel that the  resources and funds were allocated in the most adequate manner.

Aditya Malaviya- (Consultant)

Many thanks to CHINAR for providing an opportunity to visit and interact with their staff and the people in communities it was working with. For in doing so, two very interesting things happened: I gained an insight into the lives of people devastated by the floods in Srinagar and thereabouts, otherwise forgotten or hidden from mainstream society, and also learnt how local communities were being supported by CHINAR to help improve their situation. This was not ‘voyeur tourism’ for us to stare at the misfortunes of others, but an opportunity for the more fortunate to learn and be educated about a world other than their own. All in all, a well deserving program that is working to protect and educate children within communities so that may help themselves to break the poverty cycle.

Dr. Khalid Ashai— (Director CHINAR International USA)

Running a busy practice, the most valuable thing you have is time. I have been impressed with CHINAR International (CI) and have supported the organization in the past, but the recent floods and the widespread devastation prompted me to make the final step and devote my time as well to organization. I believe CI is a unique organization with an excellent work environment and great leadership from Irfan Shahmiri. CI has done exceedingly well with child education and flood relief and rehabilitation showing tangible results on the ground, that are certainly commendable. I am confident CI has a great future and will play a key role in uplifting poor and marginalized children in Kashmir and beyond.

Sulaiman Mir—Principal Ain-ul-Ilm Institute of Morality and Science (AIIMS) - CHINAR Partners

In the journey of life we come across people of diverse personalities who leave same indelible imprints on the horizons of our memories. These memories initiate the process of reflection which prevails upon and enrich our experience as time passes by. Our journey with Mr Irfan Shahmiri and his whole CHINAR family proved to be a bliss and blessing for reasons manifold. It’s our privilege to work with CHINAR team who work with sincerity, dedication, humility, generosity and devotion. Moreover our journey so far with CHINAR is sacred and heavenly as it defines the purpose of human existence. May the tests of time prove it timeless !

Hamza Hassan, Internee, Bussiness Plan Competition

It was a matter of utter felicity and contentment to be a part of the working body of CHINAR International.  The serenity within which organization works really brings out the best in you. The commitment of the Project Coordinators to strive for the preeminent in their respective projects and for the collective betterment of the society was exceedingly stimulating.  The inclusiveness of the workforce is one of the foremost things that really put a prize on the organization. I was given an opportunity to work at breadth and mug up from the collective sagacity of human resource of the CHINAR. The candidness with which each one of the PC’s and other members of the organization dealt with me and let me in on the various elements of their work, has certainly infused in me the desire to work, to fill the destituteness of social sector. I wish you the best of futures.

Dr. Nandita Mondal, Director, CHINAR International

It was a rainy September 2014 morning, we entered a school at Zampathri only to be told to rush out to save our car from being washed away by gushing water way which was mere a stony path twenty minutes back. Our team of four was determined to make a way to not to stop but to continue working even in that weather.  Rest of our journey punctuated by three more visits to the beneficiaries of the programme and a piping hot tea, roti and egg break at roadside shop led us to cross the  bridge(on the way back to Srinagar, only to know by the night that it collapsed! Next two months after this fateful day, were the part of history today.  CHINAR scaled many heights in rendering much in need services to humanity.  And I am almost caught into the whirlwind to experience the journey along with CHINAR remotely!

The vibration, the determination, the energy, the love – thy name CHINAR!

Sheikh Mohammad Afzal, Cheif Education ,Budgam

It gives me immense pleasure to put on record that working with your esteemed organization for past one year has been a grand opportunity. Pertinently, your organization has adopted one of our schools namely, Middle School, Malpora, Brinjan, Zone Nagam, District Budgam, the assignments taken thereof have been done well. CEO, Budgam. Being Chief Education Officer of the district, I feel euphoric and exhilarated to see your organization work with my able office. I am moved by the dedication and sincerity shown by your learned staff along with being given to the cause. Hope our collaboration will work wonders for future times to come and yield fruitful results. I wish your organization all the best.

Jahangir Raina, Director iLocus (Consultant-CHINAR International)

I appreciate CHINAR International’s holistic approach of development when it comes to underprivileged children. From education to livelihood interventions, CI is now seen as an end-to-end service provider in this particular vertical of the non-profit segment that has evolved in Kashmir over the last decade or so. CI has handled its projects in a thoroughly professional manner, often times coming up with innovative solutions to address challenging situations.

Hilal Ahmad Gilkar, Zonal Education Officer, Rainawari , Srinagar

The initiative taken by CHINAR International regarding rehabilitation and empowerment of vulnerable children, destitute families and marginalized youth in conflict areas is highly encouraging and need of the hour. The organization is striving hard to provide quality education to children studying in government schools.    To enhance professional competencies of teachers, CHINAR International organizes teacher training programmes for all the adopted schools every year which involves trainers of national and international repute. I hope this organization will work with same spirit and achieve its target of enriching downtrodden people of Kashmir and also make efforts to open experimental school for quality education.

Javeed Ahmad Khan-Zonal Education Officer, Vehil, Shopian

The whole edifice of our literate culture, progressive society and bright future is built on and with our school children. In this regard I feel much elated that everything possible is being done for the betterment of children. CHINAR International is playing an effective and important role for the upliftment of educational system especially in remote and under privileged areas by adopting these schools. I am happy that one of our schools namely UPS Chek Saidpora Payeen (Zone Vehil) has been selected by CHINAR International. I expect that the said goal will be achieved with solicit cooperation in the larger cause of education of our children.