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The world today is at the cusp of a new technological revolution in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Biotechnology, Material Sciences, 3D Printing etc. which are going to dramatically alter the global economy. Consider this, the first smart phone did not exist even a decade ago and today it has revolutionized the world by bringing the internet to one’s pocket. It has displaced several traditional jobs (in insurance, retail etc.) but created a whole new ecosystem of new jobs and companies (app development, e-Retail etc.). 52% of the companies in the Fortune 500 in the year 2000 cease to exist today.
We foresee many more such changes happening more rapidly than ever in the next couple of years and this is what is called the 4th Industrial Revolution. We at CHINAR International fully acknowledge these seismic changes afoot and want our children and youth to be fully prepared to meet these technological challenges and use them as opportunities to advance their lives. Thus, our approach is to bring about use of technology as a facilitator in our processes for the holistic wellbeing of our communities. Some of our initiatives have been listed below, which we are using in an integrated manner in our interventions.